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Please note that this software is no longer developed/supported! For details, see this EVE forum entry.

What is EVEWalletAware?

EVEWalletAware (EWA) is meant both as an offline wallet viewer and trading/accounting helper for the MMORPG EVE Online. EWA utilizes the EVE API to download your wallet transactions and journal. Unfortunately, the way CCP designed the EVE API, in order to download your wallet data, your Full API Key is necessary. Therefore keep the following in mind, before downloading EWA and entering your Full API Key:

Your API Key is able to reveal all kinds of information from all characters on your account. Financial data, assets, skills, everything. Depending on the roles your characters have in your corporation/alliance, this data is available via your char's API as well. Therefore make sure to create an API key with as few rights as necessary. Make use of the fact that CCP allows you to create as much keys as you like. I encourage you to create unique keys for each tool/site you're using.

That said, let me assure you: EVEWalletAware does not share your API keys with anybody, including me, the author. Nor does it share any data of any sort with anybody.

Also, CCP desigend the API in a way, that it has read only access to your data. This means that no one is able to manipulate/hack your account, even if someone gets hold of your API keys. Of course, given the way EVE works, information is everything and might be the winning point in some events. Therefore, follow the first rule of EVE: Be paranoid! Check who you share your API credentials with and make sure he's trustworthy. And yes, this includes me and EWA as well.

If you have the suspicion that someone other than you uses your API key to read information from your accounts/characters, have a look at the EVE API access log. There CCP provides a log of when the EVE API was accessed with your credentials.

EWA currently communicates with four different external hosts ("web servers"):

What is EVEWalletAware not?

OK, before you start making suggestions as to what features you'd like to see build into EWA, keep in mind what EWA is not and will not be. EWA is no production calculator. EWA is not a corporation management tool. EWA is not a market prices tracking tool.


EWA provides the following features.


OK, how does this damn thing look like? One picture tells more than thousands words. See for yourself.

EVEWalletAware screenshot (Click the image for a larger version)

Here are some more screenshots.

Known issues

Missing file SNSCRC32.DLL
Some users report that the program errored out with the above error message. I'm not sure what the problem there is. This file was included in the setup from the beginning and is located in the program's folder. I'm still looking into this, as to why a few users do have a problem there, while others have not.

Cell captions are barely readable, when exporting data to Excel
Yes, that's unfortunately the case. The control's export mechanism seems to screw up the colors. No (easy) idea on how to fix that, yet.

Source code of EVEWalletAware

EVEWalletAware source code (VB6)

Note though, that EWA uses commercial components: ComponentOne's VSFlexGrid and Olectra chart. If you don't own this component, you might not be able to load the project into Visual Studio properly. But you should be able to browse the source code.

If you wish to leave some feedback, this EO forum thread is a good place to do so. If you'd like to keep the conversation more private, contact Hel O'Ween per email.

In case you haven't notice it yourself yet: replace "[at]" in the email address with the real "@".

Although the comments are in German, variable and procedure names are in English (well, at least what I consider to be "English"). This should make the source itself readable for non-native German speakers.

EWA "in the press"

Meet the other devs

"Meet the other devs" is an interview series run by the pod pilot KaarBaak. He took the initiative to send out questionaries to some developers of EVE 3rd party applications like EVEMon, EFT and - amongst others - EVEWalletAware (me). Go read all of them! Interesting reading, I promise.

(German) EWA at buffed.de

Published under the somewhat misleading title "Eve Online - Hilfsmittel für Bergbau und Produktion Teil 1 (Tools for mining and production part 1)", this is a very short introduction to EWA at a German gamer's website.


EVEWalletAware is distributed as freeware. That means, you can use this application as you see fit, free of charge. You're not obliged to pay anything for EWA. The program is provided "as is". If it doesn't work to your liking or doesn't support features you'd like to see, you're not entitled to receive any updates. That said, you can of course send me suggestions for this application. Who knows, I might find your feature suggestion great and implement it.

You are allowed to use EWA's source and use/modify it as you see fit for your own purpose.

You may freely distribute any derived work (both in binary and source code form). You may however not charge any kind of fees for your derived work. Donations are, of course, OK.

If you like EWA, find it usefull and you're in the mood, donating some ISKs to the EVE character Hel O'Ween is much appreciated. But please restrict any donations to ingame money. Besides the fact that CCP forbids paying RL money for EVE related services, I've written EWA mainly to help myself, partially to help other EVE pilots, too. I've not written EWA to earn some RL money.

Woah, just a couple of days after the first public release, some people have already donated me some ISKs. Thank you very much! You know who you are. EVE itself might be a harsh, ruthless and dark game, but its community is outstanding!


The copyright for all EVE Online related material used here and in the application belongs to CCP hf. CCP is not affiliated with EVEWalletAware in any way nor is CCP responsible for the functionality of EVEWalletAware in any way.

All other trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective holders.

How to contact me

The best place to ask questions about EWA is this thread on the official EVE Online forums.

In case you'd like to keep your question/request private, contact me (Hel O'Ween) per email.

(Lame spam prevention): replace "[at]" in the above email address with the real "@".

My thanks go to ...

... of course CCP for such a great game. My corp, Biotronics Inc. for bearing with me, if I fall over them flaming again. I'd also like to mention the guys over at EVE-Dev.net for providing some usefull EVE API documentation (shame on you, CCP, this should be your job). The developers in EVE's Tech Lab and Market Discussions forum also deserve a "Thank you!". Although sometimes red to each other ingame, those people share their knowledge and wisdom even with ther (ingame) enemies. A very mature attitude from which quite a few folks could learn something.