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Download the current version (2.1.33)

This is the most current verion. EVEWalletAware is available for download in two flavors:

Full installation (21 MB) MD5 checksum: 21c444e067dcc476a016314d6e1c67e6
This includes all necessary files (components and database) to install the application. If you're about to use/download EWA for the first time, you should use this installer package.

Please make sure you update to the latest database, after installing EWA.

EXE only (1556 KB) MD5 checksum: 194b6f449334ea5b8719d7af69ca868e
From time to time updates are released, which don't need a full setup in order to work. These minor updates may include bug fixes or enhancements to the application. Simply download this single file, copy it into your installation folder and overwrite the existing file. The same can be achieved by using EWA's built in update option.

In order to validate the above checksums of the downloads, use a free MD5 checksum tool like WinMD5Sum.


EWA requires these components to be installed on your system:

Please note: For Windows XP and earlier, MSXML and ADO 2.8 are required.

Auto (API) data downloader (1.0.37)

This is a small utility which takes care of your API downloads. If you keep it running, it checks all of your characters in all of your current EWA accounts and downloads new API data, if necessary and available. It's a single EXE, so there's no setup required. Just download it and copy it to some folder on your hard drive (EWA's installation folder might be a good place).

There's no (separate) configuration required, EWAAutoData takes anything needed from EWA's configuration, so you can just go ahead and run it. If you run EWA alongside this tool, you will note that you can't initiate an API download from EWA itself. As soon as you close EWAAutoData, this will be renabled again, no need to restart EWA itself.

Auto data downloader (536 KB) MD5 checksum: 34398188fe164729411c9dbff999b9f6

Blank database, version 74, sde-20161019-TRANQUILITY-legacy

Blank database (4881 KB) MD5 checksum: a684d50d24e2a4fb865495d02a221605
In case you want to have a look at it: this is EWA's blank (update) database, which gets downloaded if you let EWA check for updates.

Files from a RAR archive can be extracted using WinRAR


Source code of EVEWalletAware (v2.0.26)

EVEWalletAware source code (VB6)

EVEWalletAware source code (VB6, latest version 1)

Note though, that EWA uses commercial components: ComponentOne's VSFlexGrid and Olectra Chart (as of version 2). If you don't own this component, you might not be able to load the project into Visual Studio properly. But you should be able to browse the source code.

EWA manual

For your convenience, I also provide EWA's manual as a download. This allows you to browse the manual offline, if you wish to do so. Please note that the manual it's not up to date. When time permits, it will be updated.

EWA manual (1.8 MB)


I've written this tool to export CCP's SDE to a MS Access database for consumption by EWA. PLease see the documentation over at Github for further explanation. You'll also find the binaries there.

EVESqlToMdb on Github

Misc. (3rd party) tools

Here are some tools which you might find useful in combination with EWA's data.

Please note that these tools are 3rd party tools and are not developed by me.

MDB Viewer Plus

Although EWA provides a built-in database browser, it's capabilities are very limited. If you want to delve deeper into EWA's database, which is a Microsoft Access database, and don't happen to own a license of MS Access, you might find MDB Viewer Plus useful.

MDB Viewer Plus


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